Airliner bursts into flames after crash shortly after take-off in major storm

Airliner bursts into flames after crash shortly after take-off in major storm
Published: 1 August 2018 - 11:23 a.m.

An Aeromexico jetliner crashed in a field while taking off during a severe storm in northern Mexico on Tuesday.

The airliner was intact when it crash landed, but caught fire shortly afterwards. According to local officials, all passengers and crew escaped.

Gov. Jose Aispuro announced late Tuesday that “no person has died” aboard the Embraer 190.

One of the pilots, and another person are reported to be in serious but stable condition. A further 49 people were injured.

“Fortunately we have now found all 103 — now we know where each one is — this gives us a lot of tranquility,” Aispuro said.

The state civil defense office published photos of a burning but relatively intact plane lying on its belly in a field.

The cause of the crash is being investigated, with differing reports on whether the plane crashed shortly after takeoff, or whether it ran off the end of the runway.

According to the governor, a gust of wind hit the plane shortly after it took off, causing it to stall.

He said the plane skidded into a field in a horizontal position, which allowed escape slides to activate so all passengers and crew could escape before the plane caught fire.

The federal Transport Department office said in a press statement that the airplane “suffered an accident moments after takeoff,” but gave no information on the possible cause.

Aeromexico said the flight was AM2431 from Durango to Mexico City.

The web site said the Brazilian-made medium-range Embraer 190 was about 10 years old and had seen service with two other airlines before joining the Aeromexico fleet.

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