Starlux Airlines taps SITAONAIR for IFC solution

Starlux Airlines taps SITAONAIR for IFC solution
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Published: 9 April 2019 - 10:34 a.m.
By: Aviation Business

SIATAONAIR has been selected by Taiwanese start-up carrier, Starlux Airlines, to introduce inflight connectivity (IFC) across its fleet.

As per the agreement, SITAONAIR will deploy its Link ONAIR-powered Internet ONAIR Wi-Fi portal across the airline’s fleet of A321neos and A350s aircraft. The deployment of the IFC solution is set to be completed by the time the airline launches in 2020.

Aiming to deliver a connectivity experience that begins on the ground and carries on into the air, SITAONAIR’s inflight connectivity portal can be integrated within airlines’ current passenger manifest.

Enabling the seamless synchronization of passenger data, which is then recorded in the carrier’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform, airlines can offer custom price plans and tailored content.

This includes customised offers devised from the passenger’s budget, selected seat class, frequent flyer status, as well as individual search histories and shopping preferences.

Katrina Korzenowski, SITAONAIR Commercial Regional VP, Asia-Pacific, says: “Starlux is an exciting new entrant to the premium air travel market, and we are delighted to be partnering with the airline to bring premium inflight passenger connectivity onboard. With our years of dedicated expertise delivering tailored solutions, we are the right partner for Starlux to bring this young carrier to the fore of passenger connectivity.”

Incepted back in May 2018 and set to launch in 2020, Starlux Airlines is expected to cater to the business and leisure traveller market of both Asia and North America from its home base in Taipei.

Glenn Chai, Starlux’s President, said: “As we prepare to welcome our first passengers aboard in 2020, we are thrilled to be partnering with SITAONAIR to bring a world-class connectivity experience to passengers.

“We are excited by what is taking shape and are certain that Internet ONAIR over GX Aviation will deliver the consistent and high-speed connection necessary for a top-flight travel experience.”

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