5 mins with Daniel O’Flaherty Director of Photography & Colourist at 815 Studios

5 mins with Daniel O’Flaherty Director of Photography & Colourist at 815 Studios
Published: 26 December 2018 - 6:54 a.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff

DS: Tell me about 815 Studios?

815 Studios is a team of highly skilled film enthusiasts with a thirst for creating innovative visual content. We produce local and international projects for commercial, corporate, and event purposes. Our films are shared through social media, television, cinema and online distribution platforms. Our team has a clear understanding across all aspects of the creative spectrum allowing us to develop, execute and deliver on each and every sequence within the filmmaking process.

My name is Daniel O’Flaherty and I am the Director of Photography & Colourist at 815 Studios. As Director of Photography my role is to direct the camera & lighting on production with help from the camera & lighting crew. I am responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the image. I do this by working closely with all heads of department in pre-production and throughout production. Once the footage is captured and production comes to an end, I move into the post-production to enhance and better craft the images in the colour grading process.

DS: Tell us about the productions you’ve worked on and the pipeline of work for the months ahead.

Recently we have been working on some very interesting video productions for KFC, Glade, Emaar, Nespresso & Gold’s Gym.
We also just finished the second batch of commercial videos for Motiongate Dubai. They are in the middle of promoting each of their attractions and excitingly we are producing all these videos for them. The first ten videos are now complete. It has been a huge joy working on these projects. We have been fortunate to capture an astonishing amount of gripping roller coasters and magical attractions at the theme park. The challenges these projects placed in terms of camera rigging and lighting gave myself and the team a fantastic challenge.
It was pivotal to stay true to the full experience of the rides and attractions, while maintaining the visual themes of the movies presented by Lionsgate, Sony Pictures & Dreamworks. Achieving these visual and cinematic themes was exceptionally thrilling.
Our next project will be based in Saudi Arabia where we will be producing the official video content for the Formula E After-Race Concerts. Some very exciting universally renowned musical artists will be there but all is very secret right now so you have to wait and see!

DS: What do you like most about the film and TV production industry?

Being able to work in a field you enjoy thoroughly is so important. I have a great passion for the industry I work in. I personally enjoy the problem-solving areas of filmmaking. I very much enjoy the trial and tribulations of creating a story through images in your head and thinking about how well each shot relates to each other, or if it fits the style or tone of the project. Then trying to make these ideas a reality through not only camera & lighting but by coming together with a team specialised in all different areas of production to collaborate and strive together to make something truly exceptional.

DS: Do you have any particular advice for someone looking to get started in film & video production?

My suggestion would be to get educated in film production. Whether this be in a school or through your own research. Learn as much as you can so you can have the confidence to tackle new opportunities that present themselves to you. Try to get on as many professional sets as possible for the experience and before that, go and make some videos yourself and experiment with different ideas. My extra tip would be to find others who share your enthusiasm for video production in your area and stay connected, you may want and need each other’s help filming from time to time and you will have people to help your creative energy stay motivated.

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