Senna brings advanced lighting and control products to CABSAT

Senna brings advanced lighting and control products to CABSAT
Published: 2 April 2019 - 11:19 a.m.
By: Pranav Vadehra

At CABSAT 2019, Croatian company Senna Lighting Laboratory exhibited for the first time bringing their products to the Middle East. Senad Galijasevic, General Manager of Senna spoke to Digital Studio about their products and the response at CABSAT.

“We work on lights for movies and TV studios. We have worked with many productions from Hollywood to the whole world. Our products have been used in major productions from Game of Thrones to Star Wars and Vikings, the last 2 Disney movies worked with my lights.”

“We have the strongest LED lights in the world – daylight or tungsten. On average it is about seven times stronger than other lighting products. We are a small company but we have many customers and we are based in Zagreb, Croatia,” says Galijasevic.

“Here at CABSAT, we are demonstrating our LED light station products of different sizes and for different production needs – the Give Me Five, the Four Spot and the Senna Light Wall,” adds Galijasevic.

Each light station comes with wireless light control features from the gaffer station control plate. It allows you to make 6 light scenes which can be recalled at any point by simple pressing the button. There are also controls for fade speed regulation and strobe/chasing lights effects. Wireless control allows the operator to regulate dimmer remotely.

The Give Me Five is light luminaire composed of 5 LED panels of 25° or 60° beam angle, Bi Color or 5500K. The Give Me Five outputs the equivalent of 2,200 W tungsten light while drawing a maximum of 400 W and 31.000 LUX in 1m distance.

The Four Spot is light luminaire composed of 4 LED panels of 25° or 60° beam angle and color temperature 3200-5600K. The Four Spot outputs the equivalent of a 1,760 W tungsten light while drawing a maximum of only 320W and 39000 LUX in 1m distance.

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Light Wall 20 is a powerful luminary with an amazing strength max power draw of 1,600W or 72 000 lux in 1m distance. The Light Wall is composed of 20 LED panels, all controlled wirelessly with control plate, which enables you to set the lights quickly and easily. In addition to that, you can store different playlists of scenes which you can load any time. The scenes and playlists remain stored even when you turn off the system.


Galijasevic describes the new DMX lighting control console they have developed for production use: “Finally we have on display here the SkyBeast console which is a motorized DMX control panel. It is very interesting for productions because with this console you can control every light in the world. My target is SkyPanel because so many of our clients have many hundreds or thousands of SkyPanel. They can go crazy going from one SkyPanel to the other.”

SkyPanel is the compact, ultra-bright LED soft light from ARRI that is most widely used in the industry. Senna claims the SkyBeast is the most advanced remote controller for ARRI’s SkyPanel.

“In IBC at Amsterdam, when I presented the SkyBeast, every ARRI engineer came up to me and said congratulations, it’s the best controller we have seen,” says Galijasevic. “With one console you can control hundreds of SkyPanels. And if you use it with other light which has 1 or 2 channels, you can control up to 3000 lights.”

Entering the Middle East

Commenting on the CABSAT experience Galijasevic says he is surprised at how good the exhibition has been: “I have been everywhere in many exhibitions and for me, this is one of the best. We have met many clients and everybody is happy. When I came in there were already pictures on the TV screen with my equipment. The organisers are always coming to ask if we need any support. I’m sure I will come again.”

Galijasevic says they have got a great response at CABSAT because there have been many enquiries from people interested to be dealers of their products. “We are having these conversations. Signing with dealers in the Middle East is not a problem but we are looking for somebody who works hard like our company,” adds Galijasevic.

“Many rental companies are already asking us to send an invoice and we will buy these products today. It is a very good feedback for us because we are an innovation factory. We do something that cannot be found anywhere because this is what we like to do. If you need a strong daylight and tungsten light for production, Senna lights are really the strongest for this.”

When asked how they were able to engineer and develop these advanced products, Galijasevic says its, “Because I am crazy and I am a child in my imagination. I was a musician earlier for many years before so I am an artist. So that is who I am and developing this is also something similar - I want to make something new. What I like is when somebody comes to me and I show them what they need even though they don’t know they need it yet!”

Galijasevic says he has been surprised by the adoption of his products in big-budget film productions: “For example last year in London for the new movie from Disney, the production people tested all the lights and my lights won. So we are very proud that a small company from a small country can compete and win against a big company with thousands of engineers.”

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