SBC drama channel to launch in Ramadan

SBC drama channel to launch in Ramadan
Published: 22 April 2018 - 7:31 a.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff

President of Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) Dawood Al-Shoryan announced the launch of the SBC channel during Ramadan, for drama and entertainment content starring Saudi and Arab drama stars. SBC will be replacing the “r” culture channel, which has been cancelled, according to Saudi media reports.

The Saudi Broadcast Corporation recently began a marketing campaign for the SBC channel, the first such campaign in Saudi Arabia to promote a new TV channel. SBC is promoting the channel as a hub for large scale Arab productions featuring stars such as Adel Imam, who will make his first debut exclusively on the channel with the Ramadan series “Awalem Khafeya” (Invisible Worlds).

The channel will also feature Saudi stars such as Abdullah Al-Sadhan, who will make his debut on SBC with “Bedoon Filter” (Without Filter) series, also in Ramadan. Other stars featured on SBC in Ramadan include Hassan Usseiri, Fayes Al-Malky, and Rashid Al-Shamrany, who will be starring together in a series titled “Share Chat”.

Under the Vision 2030 plan led by Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has already announced a flurry of new media investments, live events and entertainment, including the historic decision to reopen cinemas after 35 years.

With Saudis spending $22 billion on entertainment activities abroad each year, Bin Salman has stated his intention to achieve up to 50 percent of localisation in the leisure sector.

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