Canon launches groundbreaking ultra HD lenses

Canon launches groundbreaking ultra HD lenses
Published: 27 September 2018 - 10:18 a.m.
By: Pranav Vadehra

Canon has bolstered its professional 4K broadcast lens range with the launch of three new lenses, including two new broadcast field zoom lenses in 4K. The new lenses were on display at the recently completed IBC show and made waves as they extend the performance of 4K broadcast lenses quite considerably.

The UHD DIGISUPER 122, which can achieve the world’s widest angle, the world’s longest focal length and the world’s highest zoom ratio and secondly, the UHD-DIGISUPER 111, which offers a long focal length and high zoom ratio for a wide range of shooting scenarios. The CJ25ex7.6B has also been added to Canon’s UHDxs series of portable zoom lenses for 4K broadcast cameras with 2/3-inch sensors, offering a 25x zoom ratio, a focal length range from 7.6 mm to 190 mm and superb optical performance. Canon also announces its next generation of zoom and focus demands with integrated display for added flexibility, control and creativity.

Commenting on the launch of the latest UHDxs series lenses, Binoj Nair, Senior Manager – B2C Marketing & Direct Sales, Canon Middle East said “At Canon, we are always looking for ways to improve our products that enhance our consumers imaging experience and enable them to be better storytellers. Through these newly launched lenses, users will now be able to capture their stories on a much higher quality, introducing them to a suite of unmatched features. Innovation is our key ingredient; we remain committed to developing our products that better fit our modern day consumer needs.”

Breaking new ground: The UHD DIGISUPER 122 and UHD DIGISUPER 111 have exceptional optical performance, exceeding 4K expectations with broad ranging focal lengths, high zoom ratios and class-leading operability. Achieving descriptive power and outstanding colour reproduction, from the wide end to the telephoto end, these lenses allow realistic and high-resolution shooting - ideal for outdoor sports broadcasting, as well as indoor events, such as concerts.

Canon’s flagship field zoom broadcast lens, the UHD DIGISUPER 122, can deliver the world’s widest angle and world’s longest focal length – 8.2 mm at the wide end and 1000 mm at the telephoto end - as well as the world’s highest zoom ratio of 122x. Whilst the UHD DIGISUPER 111, with a 111x zoom ratio and a focal length range of 8.3 mm to 925 mm aims to become a golden standard amongst broadcast productions where high zoom ratio is required.

Featuring optimal lens placement, upmost precision and first-class design, both lenses deliver performance beyond 4K, guaranteeing high-resolution and high-contrast video capture from the centre of the screen to the very edges. These broadcast lenses are also the first to utilise Canon’s proprietary Air Sphere Coating (ASC ), which reduces flaring and ghosting – ideal for shooting in HDR and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) - making high-tonality visual expression a reality.

The CJ25ex7.6B: Adding to Canon’s UHDxs series of portable zoom lenses for 4K broadcast cameras with 2/3-inch sensors, the CJ25ex7.6B features fluorite and Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) glass, and a proprietary optical design focused on the optimal placement of elements. This reduces chromatic aberration from the centre to the edge of the image, across the entire zoom range. This CJ25ex7.6B offers a 25x zoom ratio, covering a focal length range from 7.6 mm at the wide end to 190 mm at the telephoto end, to support a broad range of shooting scenarios.

The portable zoom lens also delivers high resolving power and high contrast to facilitate high-resolution video capture, whilst the lens coating technology and design prevents reflections within the lens barrel, reducing ghosting and flaring. This maximises the superlative colour reproduction which is ideal for HDR and WCG video shooting. Alongside its considerable 4K optical performance, the CJ25ex7.6B offers a compact and lightweight body design that weighs approximately 1.99 kg and measures of 169.6 (width) x 114.1 (height) x 223.3 (length) mm. This ensures is it highly maneuverable and ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor shooting scenarios, including sporting events and news reportage.

Canon has also announced two compact digital zoom servo demands – the ZDJ-G01 and ZDJ-S01 - and two focus demands – FDJ-G01 and FDJ-S01 – for Canon lenses. The FDJ-G01 and ZDJ-G01 have a built-in display for users who demand advanced functionality to support 4K shooting with precise accuracy and control over zoom and depth of field areas.

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