Netflix will release four TV dramas during Ramadan

Netflix will release four TV dramas during Ramadan
Published: 24 April 2019 - 10:21 a.m.
By: Pranav Vadehra

Four of the year’s most anticipated Middle Eastern dramas are coming to Netflix this Ramadan. Starring some of the region’s most renowned TV icons, The Writer, I Have a Script, In the Bosom of a Thorn, and What If? will stream exclusively on Netflix, with episodes arriving day and date concurrently with regional television networks and with no ads.

The move also allows 148 million Netflix users inluding Arab diaspora across more than 190 countries access to Ramadan dramas. Netflix is hoping to attract families who instead of watching on TV screens will opt for on-demand viewing of the Rama-dramas on Netflix.

A host of renowned actors from the Middle East, including Elham Fadala, Ibrahim Al Harbi, Laila Abdullah, Khaled Al Buraiki and Abeer Ahmed star in 'In the Bosom of a Thorn' set during the Gulf War. After the invasion of Kuwait, a woman’s infant daughter is taken from her. Now, years later, her daughter looks to make her way back home. This Kuwaiti drama is directed by Hamad Al Badri, and is produced by Kunooz Al Khaleej.

Starring Syrian actor Bassel Khayyat as Younes Jebran, and the Lebanese young actress Daniella Rahme as Majdoleen, The Writer tells the story of a best-selling crime novelist who becomes the primary suspect when a murder case is eerily similar to a plot in his novel. Once accused, he must navigate a web of hidden enemies to clear his name. A production of Eagle Films, The Writer is directed by the renowned Rami Hanna.

I Have a Script, starring Kuwaiti TV veteran Souad Abdullah and Kuwaiti TV sweetheart Shejoun Al-Hajri, will also make its way to Netflix this Ramadan. Directed by Munir Al Zoubi and produced by Kunooz Al Khaleej, the story of this social comedy revolves around a woman that decides to pursue her passion for writing by penning television scripts following the death of a loved one.

Other young talents in the Middle East including Munther Rayhana, Khaled Amin, Aseel Omran, and Rawan Mahdi also make their way to Netflix in What If?, a Kuwaiti drama directed by Hussain Dashti and produced by A&H Media Production. What If? Tells a story of four individuals at a crossroads in life that are given the chance to take both paths, and decide which road is best for them.

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