MBC Group launches MBC 5, a Maghreb dedicated satellite channel.

Published: 17 September 2019 - 6 a.m.
By: Digital Studio Middle East Staff

In line with its five-year growth plan to provide first-rate content tailored to audiences around the world, MBC Group announces the launch of MBC5, a new satellite channel promising family entertainment dedicated to the Maghreb.

Referred to as ‘MBC Cinq’ in French, the free-to-air channel will televise content that remains faithful to the North African region’s cultural and historical heritage.

The launch is set to reaffirm MBC’s dedication to broadcasting more targeted content, whilst also promising to increase the distribution of localised content to wider territories. This will reinforce the mutual benefits for television producers and directors, whilst improving the quality of skills already present in the field.

The launch of MBC5, the group says, is expected to benefit the target countries’ economic development and employment, through new investments in the region’s media sector, as well as the creation of new jobs, especially for first-time employees/the youth market. The project will provide a platform to encourage the exchange of diverse experiences and dialogue between local, regional and even global media sectors, encouraging growth and improvement in line with international standards.

Launch date

MBC5 launches on the evening of Saturday 21 September, marked by the exclusive broadcast of the first episode of ‘The Voice’ Season 5. Audiences can expect a wide range of brand-new Maghrebi Arabic and standard modern Arabic productions on MBC5 soon. Highlights include:

  • Al Dar Darkoum: An original comedy, produced by GoPro, featuring the popular comedy duo Driss et Mehdi (Driss and Mehdi).
  • Jwabak Dahab: A show, fronted by Mourad El Achabi and produced by Cinetelema that focuses on Moroccan street theatre.
  • Asrar Al-Nissaa: Serial centered on the life and secrets of a group of girlfriends. Also produced by Cinetelema, and starring the Moroccan actresses Badia Senhaji, Maha Bukhari, Maria Nadim and Soukaina Derbile.
  • Khali Balak Men Fifi: Light entertainment presented by Fifi Abdo and Zineb Obaid, bringing together a host of Moroccan and Arab celebrities.
  • Khaled w Ahbabo: Translating into 'Khaled and his friends/loved ones” this variety programme is fronted by Cheb Khaled.
  • Jalassat Maa Najat: Entertainment programme presented by the Moroccan singer Najat Aatabou.
  • Jalassat Faniya: Variety show produced by Med Production.
  • Strike Ma3 Hamza Filali: Programme presented by the Moroccan stand-up comedian and actor Hamza Filali.
  • Sa3a Saeeda: Translating into “Happy Hour”, this programme will be presented by Abdel Fattah Al Jouraini and Jamila El Badaoui.
  • Talk Show: Welcoming the Maghreb’s biggest stars of entertainment.
  • Masrah El Maghreb: Or 'Theatre of Maghreb', televising from Casablanca, with weekly live performances that will continue until next Ramadan.
  • Hey: Series starring Rachid El Ouali and Zeinab Abir.
  • Astedam: Exclusive dubbed series starring Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug.
  • Daba Tezeen: Starring Mohamed El Jem.
  • Kalby Nasal: Featuring Dunya Batma.
  • Viewers can also expect a number of films shown for the first time on Maghreb screens.

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