How prepared was the media industry for a pandemic?

Published: 5 April 2020 - 12:25 p.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira

Zixi, a live broadcast-quality video over any IP enabler, conducted a poll of media company executives attending a Remote Monitoring and Management Webinar held March 31, 2020.

The company polled 80 leading global media company executives which showed that the majority do not believe we are experiencing a one-time event and rather now believe that moving forward, they will need a permanent capability to enable broadcast quality live streaming operations from remote locations such as the home.

The poll showed that 53% believe the current statewide shutdowns in the US will last for another two months, with only 16% believing this current shutdown will last for more than six-months, while also indicating that 66% believe that this is not a single one-time event.

Of those responding, 81% believe that their organisations require a permanent remote workforce capability for future breakouts from the current health crisis, or for potential future like incidents or disasters.

The media industry has been hard hit with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, especially with so much of the industry’s operations based in the NYC area.

With many inflexible hardware-based video infrastructures, keeping employees safe and at home while the show still goes on has been very difficult.

Many companies are realising the benefits of IP-based infrastructures, shifts towards software-based virtualised workflows and IP transmission have not happened fast enough for some.

On the back of this report Zixi recently offered new and existing customers complimentary use of its cloud-based video control plane, Zen Master, for three months.

“While an abundance of Zixi’s customers have virtualised their workflows and have been able to reduce onsite employees as much as 80%, many media organisations have not and are now scrambling.” said Gordon Brooks, executive chairman and CEO, Zixi.

“The number of companies that have broken the glass on what were long range plans is keeping us very busy and we hope making a difference.”

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