Huawei launches new investment solution to maximise network value

Huawei launches new investment solution to maximise network value
Ning Kun, General Manager of Network Integration Services, Huawei Global Technical Services
Published: 17 April 2017 - 4:54 a.m.
By: CommsMEA staff writer

Huawei has launched Network Value+, a  investment solution for carrier’s digital business, at the 2017 Huawei global analyst summit. During the development of digital services, such as the video and enterprise private line (EPL), this solution provides carriers with network planning, construction, and evolution schemes targeting the full service trend, to ensure effective investment and maximise network value. 

Networks are gradually moving towards convergence.   Previous planning and construction methods oriented to the single-layer network and single business dimension cannot prevent synergy problems of multi-layer networks. Huawei Network Value+ comes with the promise to provide professional solutions for synergetic development of digital business, backed by capabilities, such as valued user identification and precision planning. 

China Mobile, Wuxi Branch and Huawei entered into a collaboration earlier to realise  cross-domain synergetic planning of optical networks, transport networks, access networks, RAN networks, and IP networks. That led to the creation of the "point-plane-line" E2E planning methodology, which led to the optimisation of network architecture and security, and increase in resource efficiency by 20%, improvement in service provision efficiency  by 30%, and significant increase in the number of HBB users.  


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