Is Virgin Mobile the brand UAE was waiting for?

Is Virgin Mobile the brand UAE was waiting for?
Published: 25 July 2017 - 4:07 a.m.
By: CommsMEA staff writer

EITC CEO, Osman Sultan has revealed that the commercial launch of Virgin Mobile UAE is going to happen very soon. He has added that it will "bring a fully digital and premium customer experience". 

While UAE awaits the launch, CommsMEA caught up with Frederik (name changed to protect privacy), one of the beta-users of the brand and the responses surely show the brand in a very good light. 

CommsMEA: How long have you been using VM for?

Frederik: I have been using it since June 24, the day it was opened to public.

CommsMEA: What was your first reaction when you downloaded the app?

Frederik: Unbelievably functional and something unlike an operator has put out in the UAE.

CommsMEA: What’s the way to be a subscriber? Did you have to fill in forms at the store or online?

Frederik: The process was flawless, I literally signed up for the service, with a number of my choice, scanned my EID and selected my plan all in the matter of five minutes. Two hours later, a Careem captain showed up on my doorstep with a portable EID scanner, his smartphone and my brand new Virgin Mobile SIM kit. A close relative of mine, did the same around the same time as me and she received her SIM kit in the same duration. Her case was different than mine, as it involved MNP, regardless the process was seamless, and neither of us had to stand in queues aimlessly staring at the digital token board.

CommsMEA: Was your identity and financial info verified before you were granted a subscription?

Frederik: Yes

CommsMEA: How responsive is the app?

Frederik: The application is very responsive, and even allows a post-paid user to amend the existing plan on the fly.

CommsMEA: What are you using the VM UAE SIM mostly for?

Frederik: Voice and data

CommsMEA: How has customer service been so far?

Frederik: The initial sign up was excellent, and I haven’t had the need to call a support centre yet.

CommsMEA: Is VM UAE more expensive?

Frederik: It is cheaper than its competition

CommsMEA: Are you getting any value added offers with your subscription?

Frederik: Yes, not that many, but the base offers are quite good.

So, will VM UAE change the mobile game in the UAE? Only time will say. Stay tuned.

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