A unique ecosystem of experts: over 200 international EcoXpert partners gather at Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit

Published: 7 November 2019 - 12:18 p.m.

Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, brought together over 200 EcoXperts partners at its international Innovation Summit in Barcelona on October 2nd and 3rd.

Several EcoXpert network members played an active role in the Innovation Summit’s Expert Learning Sessions and marketplace showcase area as they revealed how the latest digital solutions make for smarter, more reliable and energy-efficient buildings and homes. Since 2015, the EcoXpert network has grown by 40 per cent to reach 3,500 partners in more than 50 countries, including installers, system integrators, panel builders, electricians and other energy specialists.

The EcoXpert Program seeks to join up know-how, drive growth, and facilitate the success of its partner companies by building a global ecosystem of qualified partners who are trained and certified by Schneider Electric. All its members are experts in EcoStruxure, the open, interoperable and IoT-enabled system architecture and platform, as well as in Wiser, the latest connected technology for homes. The expertise and cutting-edge knowledge of EcoXpert companies enables them to implement innovation and digitisation projects that result in smarter buildings and homes with more reliable infrastructures and enhanced energy efficiency.

The EcoXpert certificate allows companies to accredit their knowledge in a range of skills including building management systems (BMS), automation and lighting control solutions, energy management, solutions for homes and small businesses, buildings and critical applications, access control, etc, as well as specialising in vertical industries such as hospitals, hotels, data centers, commercial real estate and retail facilities.

This means end customers can implement their digitisation projects confident in the knowledge that they are supported by leading trained and certified partners able to deliver the best digital and IoT solutions and open and scalable architectures, backed by the complete confidence inspired by Schneider Electric.

Success Stories

Since its inception, the EcoXpert network has carried out multiple projects around the world. They include the Lasala Plaza Hotel in San Sebastián, Spain, which, with Schneider Electric’s smart solutions implemented by EcoXpert partner companies Irulezo and Domonext, has increased its energy efficiency by 30 per cent and furnished its facilities with high levels of control and automation. The solution proposed has brought the hotel complete control of its electrical and HVAC systems, control of presence in rooms and preconfigured lighting “scenes” which deliver extra comfort to guests. Schneider Electric’s solutions include a blend of connected products such as the Smart Panel and the Wiser app.

In Portugal, the Evolution Hotel in Lisbon stands out as it is designed to be both sustainable and extremely technological. Teamwork with EcoXpert partner, Easycontrol, means that the hotel now has Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Operation, its open and interoperable building management system (BMS), which enables cost savings in the building coming to around 40 per cent per year.

Also exceptional is the innovation project for the headquarters of financial institution Produbanco in Ecuador, conducted by EcoXpert partner BT Technology Solution, which has led to the development of one of the most modern buildings in the country. The implementation of energy management and building automation systems has increased the building’s management productivity by 50 per cent and also helped to earn LEED certification.

The EcoXpert Network at the Barcelona Innovation Summit

Three EcoXperts partners co-presented and shared their vast expertise to help Schneider Electric tell its story during the Expert Learning Sessions at the event:

  • Portugal’s Domotica SGTA, a master-level BMS EcoXpert partner, presented at the Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Growing Your Digital Business session
  • Spain’s Desner, a BMS EcoXpert partner, presented at the EcoStruxure Building: Efficient, Engaging and Future Ready Building
  • Spain’s Proinsermant, a master-level Light & Room Control EcoXpert partner presented during the Connected Homes - What Does Home Mean to You session

In addition, 11 EcoXperts companies conducted demos in the Innovation Hub showcase area to display BMS power solutions, and lighting control solutions targeted at businesses, homes, offices, and commercial and service buildings.

”In recent years, digitisation, the Internet of Things and automation have all been transforming businesses, homes and buildings in all respects,” says Alba Torrejón, EcoXpert channel program manager at Schneider Electric. ”If you have control and information in real time, it means you have endless possibilities for identifying potential efficiency and profitability in buildings as well as improving the comfort of their occupants. This is where EcoXpert companies have a fabulous opportunity to stand out and grow their business while also playing a key role in creating the buildings and homes of the future, which will be smarter but also more sustainable.”

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