Customers want a predictable cost of ownership throughout the vehicle lifecycle

Customers want a predictable cost of ownership throughout the vehicle lifecycle
Published: 3 October 2018 - 6:15 a.m.

The automotive industry is facing new challenges impacting consumer behaviour in the UAE. From demanding safety requirements to voluntary environmental commitments many factors contribute to the sales performance of commercial vehicles. We see some positive indications from the government and expect the market to stabilize. We will continue to work closely with our customers by tailoring solutions we provide individually as we see this to be more efficient and better-suited for our customers.

Some of the main factors affecting commercial vehicle purchasing are securing short/long-term projects and making sure there is a predictable cost of ownership throughout the vehicle lifecycle. Fuel efficiency also plays a major role as companies are trying to go with cost-saving solutions. Last but not least, the evolution of technology for commercial vehicle safety including transformational technologies also have an impact on commercial vehicle purchasing. It is projected to revive in the region with the restoration of construction projects. These new and innovative fuel-efficient technologies will help leverage the cost benefits on vehicle owners.

Total cost of ownership: EMC provides customer-specific solutions to maximize fleet uptime and utilisation of vehicles on projects. Service contracts are usually signed for a period of 3 to 5 years and provide total cost transparency throughout the period via the FleetBoard Management System. FleetBoard is a fleet management solution for monitoring driver behaviour, leading to more fuel efficiency and longer vehicle life. Therefore, in addition to being economical, the fleet management technology aids in increasing the resale value of a truck.

Emission standards: In the beginning of this year, the UAE government enforced a minimum Euro4 emission standard on all trucks, highlighting the country’s efforts on sustainability. Additionally, in line with the vision of Al Fahim Group, our parent company, EMC-CV consistently seeks ways to contribute to environment friendly initiatives demonstrating its commitment to the country and the Abu Dhabi Plan. Hence, our new orders for Mercedes-Benz Actros and Arocs trucks have emission standards of Euro5, making them increasingly fuel efficient. With the biggest cost of any given commercial vehicle operation being fuel, trucks with Euro5 are more cost effective in the long run for fleet owners. Coupled with Mercedes-Benz’s driver management system, vehicle owners are assured a high return on their investment of becoming more environment friendly.

Technology and safety: Technology plays a significant role in affecting our customers’ operational costs. To ensure our clients are fully aware about how advancements in safety and fuel economy help drivers, we conduct regular driver training using the FleetBoard Management System.
FleetBoard aids us in identifying how the driver takes on the road from planning the journey ahead to selecting the right gear and braking techniques that need improvement for their trucks’ longevity, fuel efficiency and safe driving.

Mercedes-Benz is known for its highly advanced technology and safety features. Our customers rely on the ABS brake systems and powerful engine brakes. Moreover, features such as Active Brake Assist, Lane-keeping Assist and Proximity Control are high in demand. Mercedes-Benz’s sturdy, proven components make it possible to handle even the harshest conditions with ease, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for drivers and goods alike.

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