The future of sustainable mobility is electric, connected, shared and multimodal

The future of sustainable mobility is electric, connected, shared and multimodal
Published: 30 May 2019 - 12:45 p.m.

Today, urban mobility is one of the key issues for large cities and a critical factor for the environment, economic development and the quality of life of their residents. Acciona is therefore determined to position itself in this segment, offering mobility solutions that help reduce atmospheric and noise pollution, while cutting journey times to address citizens’ needs.

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Ramón Piñeiro Rey, new business director, Acciona Service

We believe that mobility in the future will be electric, connected, shared and multimodal. The Acciona mobility service is a product of the company’s commitment to sustainability, innovation and the creation of smart solutions for cities.

In 2018, Acciona deployed over 1,000 electric scooters in Madrid as part of its sustainable mobility initiative. The scooter sharing service is the company’s first mobility solution under the Acciona Mobility brand. Vehicle sharing services are aligned with Acciona’s aim to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, improving the quality of life in cities, electrifying the economy and promoting alternative means of transport. For this reason, Acciona is moving into this market under its own brand in order to deal directly with end users of transport services.

The scooter sharing service in Spain is provided in cities working in close collaboration and coordination with city councils in each location. In Spain, Acciona’s scooter sharing service is available in Madrid, Valencia, the metropolitan area of Barcelona and Seville. We will be rolling out the service in Portugal, specifically in Lisbon, in the coming weeks. We are currently focused on developing the shared electric scooter rental service, but

Acciona is committed to sustainable mobility, and any option that supports this initiative will be considered by the company.

In addition to the scooter sharing service, we have also launched a pilot project for motorised scooters in Madrid, another initiative in our commitment to sustainable development.

Acciona can help towns and cities to understand the mobility habits of their residents, ensuring an efficient and sustainable transfer towards environmentally-friendly forms of transport. Our main focus is on Spain and now Portugal, but we will analyse the feasibility of expanding into other continents as we develop the business.

As a leading group for sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy solutions that span the entire value chain from design and construction through to operation and maintenance, our aim is to ensure that every infrastructure is adapted to the future sustainability model for urban mobility.

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