Fully charged: Middle East Electricity highlights

Fully charged: Middle East Electricity highlights
HTW-1745 generator sets installed in 40-foot containers at Dubai Festival City by UAE dealer FAMCO.
Published: 12 March 2017 - 12:38 p.m.
By: John Bambridge

Daniel Crossan, project manager at Himoinsa Middle East, noted: “The Middle East is one of the leaders in innovation, so this show is a great opportunity to pitch our new innovative products. We know there’s a market for microgrids, and if we can get on board with a renewable provider, we are well placed to provide a combined solution.”

Guillermo Elum, global director of marketing for Himoinsa, added that the show was “quite busy and quite interesting”.

He added that the number of visitors might have been slightly lower than the previous year, yet Crossan highlighted that the show saw “less people, but more quality”.

To facilitate its hybrid solutions, Himoinsa manufactures diesel and gas generator sets designed to be integrated with photovoltaic systems and batteries. Elum pointed to the lowering cost of photovoltaic systems as key driver, making it possible to harness solar energy at a much more competitive price.

Today, in regions with a high level of solar irradiation and where energy is expensive, photovoltaics can pay for themselves in less than four years, according to Himoinsa.

Hybrid generators also fill a technological gap, as Crossan explained: “New technologies are coming, but there’s a gap between what the new technology can provide and what we’re currently doing, so the combination of hybrid renewable sources of power is really going to see generators as part of that model for the next 25 years – until we do come to a completely reinvented form of energy. Generators are going to be here for a very long time, but if we can provide a product that works with renewables, then that’s the next step.”

Silent success

A year since introducing its first diesel generator with a 1,000-hour service interval, the HYW 35 T5 unit, Himoinsa also took the opportunity to unveil a 1,000-hour maintenance kit for its HYW industrial range, from 8kVA to 45 kVA, and HRYW rental range, from 16kVA to 40 kVA, with Yanmar engines.

Aimed again at lowering OPEX, the kit includes a larger tank that supplies extra oil to the engine, with the result of significantly reducing on filter costs and downtime. In addition, the industrial range can incorporate a 1,000l fuel tank, 10 times larger than that offered as standard, which translates into less frequent refuelling operations. Considering that the genset works eight hours a day, this guarantees up to 70 days of running time.

Elum commented that the 1,000-hour concept was seeing “very good customer reception: “It has increased the number of our units working in the telecom sector, because they can reduce their OPEX.”

Another significant development over the past year has been the launch of its Silent Plus Range, which reduces noise emissions without limiting the performance of the machine. The first unit in this range is the HRFW-250 T5, which, powered with FPT engine, guarantees a noise level of just 61dB ±2 at a distance of seven metres from the unit thanks to a complex array of the air intakes and outputs.

The generators also incorporate two exhaust silencers as standard and top quality insulating materials, including high-density, 100mm thick rock wool, and silent blocks specifically resized for the engine-alternator assembly and its dynamic characteristics.

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