Liebherr quartet helps Hong Kong housing project

Liebherr quartet helps Hong Kong housing project
The novel formation enabled Yau Lee to complete its contract with four tower cranes, as opposed to the eight that were initially envisaged.
Published: 20 September 2015 - 11:30 a.m.
By: James Morgan

Yau Lee Construction is using four Liebherr 550 EC-H 20 tower cranes to build a high-density housing project for Hong Kong.

Each of the tower cranes has been equipped with an exceptionally compact 355 IC tower section.

A first for Hong Kong, the novel configuration has enabled the construction of Hong Kong Housing Authority’s large-scale apartment project with just four tower cranes, instead of the eight originally specified.

Commenting on the approach, William Tang, sales manager at Liebherr Singapore, said: “Originally, the intention had been to use eight cranes on Yau Lee’s contract, with two [for] each tower block. However, we were able to demonstrate that by using four Liebherr 550 EC-H models, equipped with 355 IC towrs to fit into the limited space of the lift shafts, the contractor could actually speed up the work process, meet all the heavy-lift requirements, and save money on labour and equipment costs.”

Hong Kong Housing Authority awarded Yau Lee a contract to build nine tower blocks within the development, ranging in height from 29 to 41 storeys. The deal also involves the construction of a car park podium structure.

Liebherr Singapore’s Tang said that the 355 IC tower sections allowed for a less-congested and more-efficient work site.

“The 355 IC tower section is exceptionally compact at a cross-section of 1.9m x 1.8m, and the crane will climb as the building climbs,” he explained. “Having eight jibs on the four blocks would have limited the mobility of the cranes, because of the need to prevent the jibs from colliding.

“One crane on each tower means that there is a total freedom of movement, and with 51.5m jibs fitted, the cranes can reach any part of the tower construction area. This configuration will handle a maximum load of 20 tonnes, and 10 tonnes at the tipping point,” he added.

Hong Kong Housing Authority’s schedule necessitates a brisk pace, with Yau Lee completing one floor every six days.

The high-density housing project is located at the former site of Anderson Road Quarry in Sau Mau Ping, Hong Kong.

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