Zahit Aluminum invests in technology

Zahit Aluminum invests in technology
Representational image of aluminium.
Published: 30 August 2018 - 5:49 a.m.
By: Neha Bhatia

Zahit continues to grow with new technological investments.

In the Adana Organized Industrial Zone, Zahit Aluminum manufactures aluminum profiles, composite panels, and photovoltaic panels. The facility was revamped with a fully automated system of semi-automatic horizontal powder coating system.

Zahit Aluminum's chairman, Zahit Balbay, noted that technological investments are important for companies that want to keep pace with the competition conditions in the sector.

"As a company that appeals to both domestic and international markets, we have always aimed to increase our competitive power, so we followed technological developments as we could not get any more profit from our old system coloring methods.

"We agreed with the manufacturer of the best vertical painting systems in Europe, and we have been able to paint the new technology for four months and have been working smoothly since the day we pressed the button."

Balbay said Zahit gets better results from static powder painted products, which have a significant share in sales, by using vertical dyeing technique.

As Zahit Aluminum, Balbay underlines that they are always aiming to produce more qualified and high quality and innovative products, reminding them that Adana's 3rd R & GE Center has been established last year for this purpose:

"Our goal was always to deliver quality, affordable and fast to our customers, and we did not avoid any investment for this.

"Previously, we were doing static painting in a few locations, which gave us a disadvantage in both labour and energy costs and a waste of time.

"Now, we do this without any personnel initiative in the single station. We bought automatic chemical dosing systems and there is no trace of hanging during the process.

"It is visually meaningful for our customers and we have not lost our products.We will continue to invest to make the best quality production."

This article is written by Zahit and not by Construction Week editorial staff.

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