Meet the sponsors: MEP Conference 2019 - SaudiCast

Meet the sponsors: MEP Conference 2019 - SaudiCast
Published: 7 April 2019 - 1 p.m.

In a conversation with Omar Abuimeish, technical manager – UAE, SaudiCast, about the upcoming MEP UAE Conference 2019, he says that continuous communication with the MEP professionals during events and conferences needs to be maintained to ensure growth and constant market development across all of the MEP industry specialists, from developers to architects, consultants, contractors and suppliers.

Abuimeish says: “Maintaining connection between engineers and architects across the board gives the chance for everyone to present what they have to offer and how they can add value to the market. Through this event, SaudiCast will also be able to expand its presence and it gives us a chance to interact with executives and managers, to showcase what we can offer and to understand main points that we could potentially solve for them. Our main aim is to use advanced technologies and environmentally friendly practices during our designing, manufacturing, and testing processes, thus providing high quality products that are produced in a sustainable manner at a competitive price to our competition.”

The things that excites Abuimeish about the MEP industry are the development of the Expo 2020 and Dubai Creek project sites. He adds that interior designers are playing a bigger role in maintaining aesthetics, which help sustain the use of quality products and to balance out some of the budget limitations.
According to Abuimeish, the challenges facing the sector are: “With decreasing budgets set for projects, many contractors are forced to use cheaper alternatives as to the ones set in the project specifications. Therefore, maintaining high quality products and materials used in projects are rare, especially in for the plumbing sector. Some luxurious projects are using cheap drainage systems that are not sustainable.”

SaudiCast is expanding its market reach to supply to projects all over the GCC region and its neighbouring countries such as Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.
The firm is focusing to expand its product range to suit the requirements of the GCC region. Latest development regarding its indoor drainage products include Linear Shower Drain and Wall Shower Drain, Siphonic Roof Drain, as well as the Modular Trench Drain. Development of its outdoor drains is always ongoing, coinciding with the different requirements and regulations of clients for private projects, as well as for municipalities from across the GCC region.

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