Is data collected through BMS systems and sensors inaccurate?

Is data collected through BMS systems and sensors inaccurate?
Published: 25 March 2019 - 8:45 a.m.
By: Nikhil Pereira

Several experts and leaders in FM are concerned that the data collected through BMS systems and sensors is sometimes inaccurate.

Building services veteran Jagath Gunawardena of Dubai Chamber pointed out that it’s due to the poor calibration of BMS systems and the sensors connected to it.

Stan Mitchell, CEO, Key FM said: “It’s the FM company’s fault when BMS or CAFM systems don't deliver as they should be doing. In many cases I see BMS systems not delivering any value which is because of the lack of an operator's abilities to use it correctly. Data doesn’t have much value on its own.

“One of the new jobs coming into our industry is people who can analyse this data - data scientists. FMs shouldn't be interested in data but the value it can give us to help us do our job better,” he said.

Meanwhile Shadi Al kadi, programme management director at Taqati said it’s important to know what data is being processed and how.

“The worst example is if you are extracting big data out of non-calibrated sensors. It’s important to start gradually, add more data points, more analysis tasks, eventually forming multiple data points that can co-relate with each other. Once that’s established a service provider will automatically know if sensors are not calibrated or malfunctioning,” Al Kadi said.

This approach will also ensure the FM operator is maintaining the sensors and not just the equipment.

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