Q&A with B+H

Published: 27 December 2018 - 6 a.m.
By: Michael Hasenstab

What attracted you to work for B+H?
B+H’s reputation for being extremely collaborative and designing people-centric buildings and communities really drew us to the company. It’s also established a strong company ethos to create a supportive, inspiring and empowering culture. There’s a deliberate focus on cultivating diversity and talent, sharing lessons learnt and actively making space for creativity and innovation to thrive. We felt that B+Hwas doing inspiring projects that excited us and was a firm that would allow us to grow.

How do you feel the next generation of architects is influencing architecture and design?
Our generation has seen a lot of changes. We’ve grown up in times of rapid technological, economic and global change, and this has affected how new designers are thinking about and perceiving the world. Our generation has a strong focus on the experientiality of space. As designers of both buildings and cities, we’re thinking not just about the built form but also about curating the experience. Mapping out the user journey is integral to our design process and we strive to create places that foster meaningful and inclusive experiences. The success of a space is linked to how well it is able to inspire and engage people, and our generation is designing with this in mind.

What changes have you seen in the design world in your time at the B+H Dubai studio?
We’re seeing how the boundaries of the design profession are expanding and blurring. Collaboration with other disciplines and designers is really at the core of delivering outstanding experiences and meaningful place making. To keep up as top-level architects and urban planners, we need to reach out and explore new approaches in order to create bolder and more inspiring places for those that inhabit our buildings and communities.

How do you see your role as up and coming leaders in the industry?
As younger architects and designers come into more senior positions, we’re helping our clients navigate the changes that have come about in the last generation. It’s our responsibility to lead and educate our clients to go beyond the obvious and be more adventurous – to be bold and innovative. Designing with the user experience in mind is a transformative tool for bridging brands and places with their core market. It’s a way to mold ordinary places into extraordinary experiences. We strive to be adaptable in our designs in order to respond to the rapidly shifting environment of today’s times. At B+H we live to design bold and inspiring spaces for people.

This conversation was featured as a brandview in MEA's January 2019 issue

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