Architect Philippe Daher to showcase new furniture pieces at Beirut Art Week

Architect Philippe Daher to showcase new furniture pieces at Beirut Art Week
Published: 17 September 2019 - 10:53 a.m.

Founder of multidisciplinary design studio Rayxander, architect Philippe Daher has unveiled two furniture designs which will be showcased during this year's Beirut Art Week, which begins today, 17 September.

The designs will be revealed at the South Border Gallery and Abroyan Factory, inspired by theme's that are common across Rayxander's works such as creation, evolution, and mutation.

The Sphex Bar is a new generation of the already establised Sphex family, and is inspired by bees and behives an their symbolic and spiritual relevance throughout ancient history.

The cabinet is composed of a main metal spine that supports the main body which includes a hexagon-shaped compartment made out of burl wood and glass shelves and partitions on the inside. It also supports a drawers compartment which is also made in burl wood. Onn top of it an L-shaped tray made out of mirrors and diagonal steel handles.

The second product to be unveiled is the Gentleman Valet Chair which is designed for the "younger, design-loving generation". The piece is inspired by those who are embarking on an independent journey, moving away from home and ready to explore the world.

This versatile piece aims to experiment and serve in a modern urban environment where flexibility, adaptability, and practicality are all essential. It is easy to store, move and adapt to different usage and can work well in any space.

Made out of a dark grey textured steel frame, burl wood, the Gentleman Valet Chair has an inbuilt unique mechanism that allows it to shape shift from a regular looking chair to a three steps/shelves unit.

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