Five tips for front desk executives in hotels

Five tips for front desk executives in hotels
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Published: 12 September 2019 - 11 a.m.
By: Priyanka Praveen
Take ownership
Majority of our front desk ambassadors are empowered to take care of their guest whether it is entertaining their guest or tackling a challenge. But what happens often is that the front desk ambassador automatically escalates an issue to their supervisor or manager. They need to take ownership and tackle the issue on their own. It creates confidence and the takes away the fear of overcoming challenging situations.

Build emotional connections
In today’s market, guests have several options when it comes to choosing a hotel. A guest can be checked-in and out of any hotel but what makes a difference are the emotional connections and memories we allow the guest to carry with them. So, it becomes vital that front desk ambassadors make sure that the guest has a different experience and are able to take something of emotional value back home.

Attention to detail
Often times front desk ambassadors can be in rush to take care of a guest or to complete a task. It’s okay to be swift at what you do but it is very important to do it with an eye for accuracy and consistency. One of my previous leaders always told me “When you think you’re ready, check again, check again, and again.”

Be flexible
In this industry it’s all about being flexible and the willingness to take on what others don’t want to. The less desired task, responsibilities, and shifts are the ones that you should be the first to raise your hand and volunteer for.

Follow the three P’s
Passion: A passionate front desk ambassador is indispensable; once the passion is well activated and alive there is nothing that this person can’t achieve for themselves or our guest.
Pride: There has to be a true willingness, good intentions to always give your best. One also needs to have pride in what you do and to do the right thing.
Polished: When you wake up and ensure that you present the best version of yourself it equates to self-joy.

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