Ibis Amman GM on Jordanian travel trends

Ibis Amman GM on Jordanian travel trends
Wajdy ElChaar
Published: 3 February 2020 - 7:30 a.m.
By: Hotelier Middle East Staff
As Ibis Amman in Jordan celebrates its 10th anniversary, its general manager, Wajdy ElChaar has laid out his insights and plans to keep the property up-to-date.

ElChaar explained digital transformation is key at the Jordanian hotel. The Lebanese national said that: “The top customer experience trends include social marketing, social selling, personalised engagement, and immersive experiences and these will be keenly in focus at Ibis Amman this celebratory year.”

He noted that 67% of guests appreciate digital self-help tools, highlighting the importance of implementing room service tools to guests’ phones. This notion of self-help extended to the hotel’s MICE facilities, where ElChaar discussed the technology available.

“Digital flip flops represent the latest wireless technology for the self-management of meetings and conferences, meaning you can swiftly display content direct-to-screen using a smart phone or other personal device,” ElChaar explained.

Despite the importance of this, the GM believes hotels must remain authentic in the digital age.

“The digital era is an exciting time to be in the hospitality business and digital can be helpful, efficient and transformative. But nothing beats authentic one-to-one conversations.”

“Corporate guests especially are often eager to get the first-hand insights of team members and we have noticed they are often tagging on an extra night or two to take in the sights.”

Beyond embracing technology, ElChaar discussed the infrastructural improvements to Jordanian heritage sites as a driver to the tourism industry. “The travel trends for this year include culturally immersive experiences, and Jordan is full of such,” says ElChaar. “Indeed, the development of the many heritage sites, in tandem with the government’s open skies-open markets policy has greatly enhanced the Kingdom’s appeal to local, regional and international travellers.”

Last year the Ibis Amman achieved an average 71% occupancy, a figure ElChaar is looking to grow moving into the new decade.

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