Hospitality app launches to aid social distancing at venues

Published: 21 June 2020 - 3:15 a.m.
By: Hotelier Middle East Staff
While dine-in operations have started again the UAE, many diners are still tentative about venturing out into the world amid a pandemic. Reducing this problem for both diners and operators, Opaala has launched to help digitise much of the dine-in experience.

The UAE-born tech startup provides a smart app to be used across participating hotels, restaurants, nightlife spots and beach clubs.

Opaala lowers service wait times, reduces staff costs and increases revenue through a contactless, mobile-powered solution. With Opaala, customers are able to browse interactive menus where they can place orders, enter dietary requirements, request for the assistance of a waiter, and call for the bill through their mobile browsers by scanning a QR code.

The application also offers an automatic bill splitting feature, making it easier and quicker for venues to clear the cheque.

Speaking about the startup, Opaala co-founder Marwan Saab said: “It is easy for customers to be overlooked when venues are managing high footfall. We wish to enhance the diner’s experience whilst assisting restaurants with managing their ever-increasing costs”. He went on to add that ‘COVID-19 has been destructive for the hospitality industry. As members of this community, we feel responsible for helping the industry rebuild. We've pledged to support those who need it most, to help them reduce cost and increase revenue until business picks up again. We've already provided our platform free of charge for many who need it, and we will continue to do so until things improve."

Venues to have embraced Opaala include Nikki Beach Club, Riva Beach Club and Lah Lah Restaurant.

You can watch a demonstration video below:

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