Revealed: Top 30 Oilfield Services Companies of 2019

Revealed: Top 30 Oilfield Services Companies of 2019
Published: 16 September 2019 - 10:45 a.m.
By: Carla Sertin

We are excited to present the third edition of our Top 30 Oilfield Services Companies. This segment of the upstream oil and gas market has been particularly hard-hit by fluctuating oil prices, but as a result, we have seen a flood of innovative technologies and services from the top tier in the market, as they pivot to find their place in a changing energy landscape.

As national oil companies let loose the purse strings ever so slightly, oilfield services companies are basking in the glow of long-term projects which require continuous work, new technologies, and specialist services. They have answered the call with complex, innovative solutions.

As you peruse the list, you will see the very best that the oilfield services market has to offer, with some new additions (and some disappearances) on our list this year. Throughout the top tier you will find the familiar brands that tend to dominate the market and industry headlines, but even at those upper reaches, the ranking has seen some subtle movements and changes.

While a company’s bottom line is a strong indicator of where is will sit on the list, Oil & Gas Middle East takes into account a company’s presence and focus in the Middle East, its growth plans, product line-up, completed, ongoing and scheduled projects, as well as its CSR engagements and commitment to healthy and safety both within its ranks and in its surrounding community.

The Top 30 Oilfield Services Companies for 2019 is compiled using available data, including press releases, product brochures, and emailed questionnaires.

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