Dow wins record five 2019 Edison Awards for advanced technologies

Dow wins record five 2019 Edison Awards for advanced technologies
Published: 10 April 2019 - 7 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
Five advanced technologies from Dow were recognised with Edison Awards on 4 April 2019, setting a record for the company.

Dow received two gold, two silver and one bronze award in categories ranging from clean manufacturing to coating and packaging materials.

These five Edison Awards, recognising innovations from the new Dow, demonstrate the vibrancy of our markets and strength of our R&D efforts. The awards cover a diverse group of technologies from across our portfolio of businesses,” said AN Sreeram, senior vice president, research and development, and chief technology officer for Dow.

“We have the people and the tools to continue the proud history of innovation at Dow. Winning a record five awards demonstrates the power of our innovation engine as Dow accelerates into the future. Like Edison in his time, our research is customer focused – solving customer and societal needs and creating value for our shareholders.

Dow’s award-winning technologies are given below:
Gold to ENGAGE PV Polyolefin Elastomers – As the global photovoltaic (PV) market continues to grow, material selection can be a critical component in the ongoing success of PV module manufacturers. ENGAGE PV Polyolefin Elastomers (POEs) help make the choice for PV encapsulant films easier with opportunities for exceptional long-term performance, reliability, and lower overall energy cost.

Gold to Tenter Frame Biaxially Orientable Polyethylene Resin – Tenter Frame Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene (TF-BOPE) film is an innovative and revolutionary addition to the INNATE Precision Packaging Resin family. It provides higher mechanical properties and material rigidity, along with better optical and printing performance. Compared to traditional polyethylene (PE) products, TF-BOPE can achieve up to 80% less haze, twice the impact strength, twice the tensile modulus, three times the puncture resistance, and three times the tensile strength.

Silver to ECOFAST Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment – ECOFAST Pure is an advanced technology that enables unique, brighter colours on cotton textiles while helping address sustainability challenges in the industry, including quality and consumption of water. This patented technology reduces water, dye, energy and chemical use in the dyeing process and meets the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme standards. ECOFAST Pure is compatible with reactive, direct and acid dyes and can be applied to knit and woven fabric, denim and garments.

Silver to VORARAD Downhole Radium Sequestration Technology – Hydraulic fracturing has increased access to crude oil and natural gas from deep shale reserves, but the process usually requires pumping up to six million gallons of water into each well. VORARAD technology uses resin-coated sand to fuse proppant particles together and inhibit harmful isotopes, like radium, from rising to the surface, improving the safety and sustainability of hydraulic fracturing.

Bronze to OPULUX HGT – It is a solvent-based coating for flexible packaging. Because of its superior heat resistance, it enables users to simplify and redesign packages by eliminating some lamination layers and promoting the use of mono-material, recyclable packages. OPULUX HGT also provides high-gloss performance to enhance graphics and improve window clarity.

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