Women leaders in the Kuwait oil sector

Women leaders in the Kuwait oil sector
Published: 12 September 2019 - 10 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
Women in the contemporary Kuwaiti society enjoy a wide range of success due to immense support for women empowerment by the political leadership, which enabled them to be active partners with men towards social development. The local society witnessed several successful Kuwaiti women in various fields, by holding various leadership, political and legislative positions.

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Maha Mulla Hussain, former CEO, PIC.

The success of women leaders is due to their excellent multitasking abilities. Being wives, mothers and employees, they have a better ability to engage workers through communication and dialogue, which are key elements that help create a family atmosphere in the workplace that enhances production, positivity and interactivity.

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Nadia Hajji, deputy CEO, PIC.

Employment for women gives a clear understanding about their constructive role in society, and their ability to be a true partner in development, and supports their capabilities, making them continuously developing, especially women engineers who work in refineries, oil fields and petrochemical facilities.

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Hosnia Hashim, former deputy CEO, PIC.

The oil sector exerts all efforts for the sake of women empowerment, allowing them to assume all positions and achieving equality in terms of training and development, while putting trust in them to compete for leadership positions.

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Hessa Al-Tuwaijri, legal affairs director and former secretary of the board of directors, PIC.

Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC) is one of the first oil companies in Kuwait that opened the doors for women to successfully assume all positions, including the CEO, as Maha Mulla Hussain became the first woman in the Kuwait oil sector to assume this post. PIC accomplished various milestones and became a global leader during her tenure.

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Abeer Sadeq Marafi, director, communications and services department, PIC.

Women assumed various other leading posts in PIC, including deputy CEOs such as Nadia Hajji and Hosnia Hashim, successful directors such as Hessa Al-Tuwaijri, legal affairs director and former secretary of the board of directors, and Abeer Sadeq Marafi, who is currently the communications and services department’s director, in addition to Hessa Al-Juniadel, the risk management department’s manager.

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Hessa Al-Juniadel, manager, risk management department, PIC.

The company also has a rich group of women team leaders and other successful women working in various posts, as PIC adopts performance, not gender, as a criterion in selection, which helped improve women’s participation. Currently, women constitute 16% of total employees in Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries, and hold 12% of supervising posts.

Women were able to overcome all challenges during their work in the oil sector, especially those working in oil sites and supervisors, who work for long hours and are assigned for duties outside Kuwait and beyond normal working hours. Their ability to achieve balance between their work and families requires proper planning, and handling things rationally and skilfully.

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