Fujian Meide taps Honeywell technology to monitor on-purpose propylene production

Fujian Meide taps Honeywell technology to monitor on-purpose propylene production
1st C3 Oleflex Process Unit for Propylene Production Caption The worlds first Oleflex unit now in operation in Thailand was designed to produce 100000 tons per year of propylene from propane UOP developed a highdensity attritionresistant catalyst DeH6 specifically for the Oleflex process Original file name UOP28 on CD 14 Also on CD 6 Used in the 1992 UOP processing guide and the 1990 capabilities brochure
Published: 19 September 2019 - 5 a.m.
By: Martin Menachery
Honeywell announced that Fujian Meide Petrochemical Co will use the Honeywell Process Reliability Advisor to provide prescriptive monitoring of its UOP C3 Oleflex unit in China. The Oleflex unit is designed to convert propane into 660,000 tonnes per year of propylene, the primary component in many plastic resins, films and fibres.

Honeywell Process Reliability Advisor continuously feeds plant data through Honeywell UOP process and fault models with sophisticated software to provide key performance information and process recommendations. The service helps plants run more smoothly and detects problems before they can affect production and plant profitability.

Honeywell Process Reliability Advisor is unlike any other digitalisation capability in the industry because it applies UOP proprietary process knowledge and deep troubleshooting experience to recommend operational adjustments much sooner and more accurately than has ever been done before,” said Zak Alzein, vice president and general manager, Connected Enterprise, Industrial, Honeywell UOP.

“Process Reliability Advisor is a software-enabled service that combines a plant’s data with Honeywell UOP expertise by continually tying plant data to the right domain knowledge, this service can provide new insights to help plants run consistently at the top of their capability.”

Honeywell Process Reliability Advisor gives refineries, petrochemical and gas processing plants greater visibility into their operations, helping to identify and resolve problems that often avoid detection and hamper production, reducing unplanned shutdowns that can deprive plant operators millions of dollars per year in lost productivity.

Honeywell UOP’s C3 Oleflex technology is a propane dehydrogenation process that converts propane to propylene. Its low-energy consumption, low emissions and fully recyclable, platinum-alumina-based catalyst system minimises its impact on the environment, and has a lower cash cost of production and higher return on investment compared to other technologies.

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