ACTIW LoadMatic system launched in the Middle East

ACTIW LoadMatic system launched in the Middle East
Published: 22 May 2018 - 6:45 a.m.
By: Logistics Middle East Staff

ACTIW launched their LoadMatic automated truck container loading solution for standard cargo space at the GPCA Conference in Dubai.

The system can increase container loading times by a minimum of 20%, according to Jari Vartiainen, sales director, ACTIW, and is designed for 20 and 40-foot containers.

“This means there are no modifications needed for that cargo space and palletised goods can be loaded very quickly, within a few minutes,” he says.

“This can increase efficiency by at least 20%, with more savings possible depending on labour and equipment usage currently needed for the loading of containers. With this system you can reduce truck turnaround times to less than 15 minutes,” says Vartiainen.

Vartiainen expects to see ongoing interest from the petrochem sector, as well as FMCG, which he says is an area where the system can be particularly useful.

“It can help with FMCG, because you can minimise the number of loading docks, reduce the time trucks are standing by at the dock, simplify the flow of goods, and minimise the number of labour required,” he says.

“With more deliveries needing to be made more often, it’s important to reduce the turnaround time. Also, for cold chain operations in this region, reducing the number of loading doors will increase savings because there is less opportunity for leakage,” Vartiainen adds.

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