Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram down – are companies impacted?

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram down – are companies impacted?
Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are experiencing outages.
Published: 14 April 2019 - noon
By: Neha Bhatia

The rapid growth of social media has not escaped companies as short, low-priority emails are replaced by messaging platforms such as WhatsApp for business purposes, and so, it is likely that building communities around the world are facing the impact of outage issues faced by users of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram on 14 April, 2019.

It is has yet to be revealed why the three social media platforms – which each boast of millions of worldwide users – are currently inaccessible. However, downdetector.com, which tracks user complaints about global websites, has noted thousands of issues with each website and app.

While high-priority communication continues to follow typical and formal chains of command, the prominence of social media platforms has allowed both employers and employees to venture beyond the traditional realm of conversation.

WhatsApp Group is a particularly popular feature, which use the closed-group model to share everything from project updates to career insights and industry news.

Equally popular are Facebook and Instagram, platforms that – not unlike LinkedIn – are used by thousands of engineering professionals to consume news and information about their industry. 

For construction companies, and even real estate organisations, the default ‘comment’ and ‘reply’ buttons under social media posts have opened up a new communication stream for end-users to whom traditional advertising models have often reached out.

Has your work, or that of your colleagues, been impacted by the outage of any of the social media platforms listed above? If yes, then please email your comments to Construction Week's editor at neha.bhatia@itp.com.

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