Man who swallowed AirPod claims it worked in his stomach

Man who swallowed AirPod claims it worked in his stomach
Ben Hsu's accidentally swallowed his AirPod but found it continued to work. Source: The Daily Mail
Published: 5 May 2019 - 5:08 a.m.
The Apple AirPods have a bit of a reputation of potentially getting lost or even falling asleep with them and not knowing they are on. However, in what appears to a bizzarre story, a man in Taiwan accidentally swallowed one.

The story doesn't end there, according to a report from the Daily Mail, Ben Hsu couldn't find one of his AirPods after taking a nap. After not being able to find it, he enabled the "Play sound" feature to ping his AirPod and found it emitting a noise from inside his stomach.

Hsu deduces that the earphone fell in his mouth and unconciously swallowed it. Unbelieveably, the AirPod still worked while inside Hsu's digestive system and following immediate medical attention, doctors gave him a laxative to flush it out.

Concerned and yet curious, Dr. Chen Chieh-fan, explained: ‘Because of the plastic shell around AirPod, the risk of it causing him harm in a similar way to swallowing a regular lithium-ion battery is much lower."

After a quick wash of the airpod, Hsu found the battery was at 41%. and called the experience, "magical". Personally I wouldn't want to commit to finding an AirPod once it's been somewhere it shouldn't be but Ben Hsu was fairly commited to getting it back though.

Whether you want to chalk it up to an AirPod become a choking hazard or that it can survive digestive acids is a matter of opinion.

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