'Dubai similar to Vegas'

'Dubai similar to Vegas'
Published: 20 April 2017 - 6 a.m.
By: ArabianBusiness.com

Dubai and Las Vegas have much in common when it comes to their food and beverage markets, according to Stuart Gillies, the chief executive of the Gordon Ramsay Group.

The company, which belongs to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who is best known for his controversial television series Hell’s Kitchen, holds London concept Bread Street Kitchen in Dubai among its 30 restaurants globally.

In Dubai for the Global Restaurant Investment Forum, Gillies said the market in the Gulf city bears so many similarities to that of Las Vegas.

“Well [Dubai] is really comparable to [Las] Vegas. [They’re] so similar. And we know Vegas really well, because we spent a lot of years there with our partners. So it’s amazing how many similarities there are. I think the desire for new, as an expression, I think there’s the same hunger, without being cliché but they’re the same desire for new here as there is in Vegas,” he said.

“Vegas is a very clever machine. It’s not just a tacky collection of restaurants and casinos. It’s a really clever machine. And they have people come in and they spend three days, they spend all their money and they leave happy.

"That’s a pretty clever company that can do that. So it’s win/win. And I think Dubai has taken some of those elements of new, almost loud, high quality ... make sure the delivery is great,” he said, adding a lot of restaurants in Dubai are now recruiting talent from Las Vegas.

“I know that we found out from some of our partners that they started to recruit some of the Vegas people. So I think they understand the energy and the dynamic. [Las Vegas] is quite similar to Dubai. It is quite fast paced. You have to keep evolving, almost keep reinventing … whereas in other cities, you can just have a concept that’s quite consistent and runs quite similar through the years,” he said.

The Gordon Ramsay Group operates four restaurants in Las Vegas.

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