Federal Electricity and Water Authority Launches Phase 2 of ‘Your home our care’ Project

 Federal Electricity and Water Authority Launches Phase 2 of ‘Your home our care’ Project
Published: 23 August 2019 - 10:12 a.m.
By: Baset Asaba
The Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) has launched phase two of ‘Your home our care’ project, which will see the installation of control devices and replacement of lighting systems – free of charge – in 100 homes of UAE nationals.
Under the slogan ‘Improving the Highest-Consuming Emirati Homes’, this second phase of the project is part of a long-term strategic vision that seeks to promote a culture of conscious consumption among UAE nationals, ensure efficient management of energy resources, and offer services that adhere to the highest international standards.
FEWA has organised a training course for 45 engineers working on the project, which, in its second phase, is set to examine the lighting systems in 100 Emirati homes replacing them with more efficient and durable LED lights. Furthermore, Aircosaver smart air condition controllers will be installed, which help increase energy efficiency and cut consumption by 20% to 30%. This phase also includes advising the targeted segment of the community to use of electrical appliances efficiently and save energy.
FEWA’s Director General Mohammed Mohammed Saleh said: “The ‘Your home our care’ project is in line with the vision of the UAE’s wise leadership to launch ambitious strategies and initiatives that seek to achieve sustainable development. We have always placed people at the core of all these efforts, working towards effective solutions for curbing the consumption of energy and natural resources.”
“Our goal from this project is to spread a culture of sustainability and mould a generation that believes the rationalisation of consumption goes beyond making financial profits; a generation that views these measures as necessary for the future of mankind and essential for facing global challenges such as global warming and the approaching depletion of fossil fuel reserves,” Saleh explained, noting that FEWA will be implementing advanced technologies and establishing working relations with the community to rationalise energy consumption.
The ‘Your home our care’ project was launched by the Federal Electricity and Water Authority two years ago with the objective of promoting a culture of saving energy and water at Emirati homes. The initiative has begun by determining the homes with the highest rates of consumption, examining the sources of this high consumption by isolating the various devices in the house, and analysing consumption patterns. The result is a report that details the reasons behind the high consumption, along with recommendations for curbing it, including the installation of the new and advanced devices for free.
FEWA’s vision is to become pioneers in providing electricity and water services that improve living standards and achieve sustainable development, all while building infrastructure for electricity and water facilities to meet growing demand in the emirates under the Authority’s jurisdiction, and to rationalise electricity and water consumption.

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