New system-independent I/Os

New system-independent I/Os
Published: 9 December 2019 - 12:31 p.m.
By: Baset Asaba

In time for this year’s SPS, Phoenix Contact expands the portfolio of its Axioline I/O system by pluggable, system-independent I/O elements called Smart Elements, which come in a compact design and provide up to 16 channels.

The elements in an IP20 degree of protection are inserted into an Axioline F backplane. Backplane modules allow for four or six Smart Elements to be inserted, integrating these into the Axioline F local bus.

Thanks to a double row of slots, two I/O elements can be placed one above the other, thus allowing for different functions to be accommodated on an overall width of 15 mm with up to 32 channels. I/O functions can be freely selected and combined.

In addition to standard I/O functions, the market launch includes a four-channel IO-Link master and Profisafe modules used to acquire and output safety-related signals. By means of further Axioline F I/O modules, more functions can be added to an Axioline station. Mechanical installation is particularly quick thanks to the method of double and tool-free insertion: the I/O elements can be easily inserted into the backplane modules before inserting the conductors via Push-in connection.

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