Shopin Joins IEEE to establish Unified Decentralized Identity Technology Working Group

Shopin Joins IEEE to establish Unified Decentralized Identity Technology Working Group
Published: 12 June 2019 - 6:20 a.m.
By: Baset Asaba blockchain, artificial intelligence, and decentralized identity solutions aim to accelerate revenue and lead the retail industry forward with unparalleled security, personalization, and decentralization, today announced it has joined the IEEE as a corporate member to establish the Unified Decentralized Identity Technology working group.

As a leader in the blockchain industry, the company is forming this working group and bringing together a consortium of experts who offer a strong foundation of web 3.0 decentralization technologies. Promoting a strong foundation and shared vision, the company expects more retailers will be ready to adopt decentralized identity technology to help drive increased personalization that can boost revenues.

Eran Eyal the CEO of Shopin shares: “The best way to improve adoption and outcomes for our clients is to encourage the industry to co-create these standards. To further our commitment to open standards we are forming this Working Group to facilitate industry wide change that we steward with our technical leadership”.

“We’re proud to take our place alongside prestigious members of the IEEE like Sony, Samsung, Qualcomm, AMD, Apple, Google, IBM and more. It’s humbling to see Shopin’s logo on the roster.”

In furtherment of these goals, Shopin will soon be revealing a proprietary patent-protected enterprise-grade GDPR-compliant data exchange which leverages a unique asymmetrical and asynchronous Distributed Hash Table (DHT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence architecture. This solution will be open-source.

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